At Aihu, we believe that Mother Nature got it right the first time ...
Fresh from the earth to you!

Our Mission is to Minister to Women, Men, and their Families about the importance of taking adequate time to take care of themselves. Our Aromatherapy, Toxin-Free, Anti-Stress, Healing Skin, and Home Keeping Product Line encourages taking proactive steps towards restoring balance and promoting self-healing from within.


All of our products are MADE IN AMERICA with an essential oil base and are gentle to skin that is damaged and sensitive. We use essential oils paired with a coconut and olive oil base in our creams, fortified with Vitamin E and antioxidants. Our products are made with Plant Based, "GREEN", Eco-friendly ingredients. We have received testimonial upon testimonial regarding their efficacy and effect for dry, damaged skin and anti-stress purposes. All products are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and have not been tested on animals. Aihu uses BPA FREE bottles that are recyclable and our paper products are made with recycled material. We are a totally sustainable product line that is EARTH FRIENDLY!


We support specific hospitals that sponsor programs for women and men in need of shelter, health care, prenatal care and mental health care. We also support through donations, battered women’s shelters in an effort to eventually empower women to respect their divine right to live a strong and productive life and most importantly, to know peace in their own mind, body and spirit.